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BE ConDitionED By

取决于…… 例句:What I can buy is conditioned by the amount I earn.

be conditioned to 英[bi: kənˈdiʃənd tu:]美[bi kənˈdɪʃənd tu] v. 习惯于 双语例句 She could not imagine that a woman, conditioned to accept that she and her family should be beaten by ...

be conditioned to [英][bi: kənˈdiʃənd tu:][美][bi kənˈdɪʃənd tu] v.习惯于; Animals can be conditioned to expect food at certain times. 可以训练动物定时等待喂食。 We are conditioned t...

be used to 分两种:be used to do sth表示被用于做某事;be used to doing sth表示习惯于。此时等于be accustomed to doing,当然用accustom语体更正式化。 be conditioned to表示经加工以适合要求供使用。如: leather conditioned by a specia...

后面加do sth 习惯于做…

People are always conditioned to think that work is the only way to make money. 人们总是习惯地认为工作是赚钱的唯一方式。 be conditioned to 习惯于;以…为条件

答: 对...有条件反射。

(把什么)置于温度23+-2度,相对湿度为50+-10%的条件下,至少放置4个小时。 rh-relative humidity


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